We are an exciting low investment work-from-home pop-up consignment sale event franchise with a potential high returns! Without a doubt, we are a little rebellious and bucked the trend of traditional brick and mortar retail with our unique concept. We do not rent space monthly, instead our franchises rent space for 3-5 days a minimum of twice a year in the spring/summer and one in the fall/winter. This allows us to save substantially on overhead costs, lead a more balanced life and most importantly, help parents keep more of their hard earned money by paying our Consignors up to 80%!

Our highly anticipated eco-friendly MEGA kid’s sales benefit...

  • parents who’ve kid clutter to sell

  • parents looking for a great deal without compromising quality and

  • our communities through our foodbank and nonprofit partnerships

  • our environment - we are putting a serious dent in retail carbon footprints by helping parents buy/sell local -> all items are from our community (no trucking here!) and majority have little to no packaging. Super cool sustainable results we are proud to spearhead!